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Introducing the "BowSightShield™": Ultimate Protection for Your Sight!

You've made a wise investment in a top-of-the-line bow sight, and now it's time to safeguard it. Introducing the BowSightShield™, your ultimate protective solution.


  • Protects sight pins
  • Protects fiber optics
  • Protects pin adjusters
  • Keeps dust and debris out of the sight housing
  • Easy On/Off
  • 3MM Neoprene material
  • Ambidextrous

Protect your sight pins, level, and sight housing with the durable 3MM neoprene cover of BowSightShield. Crafted for toughness, it ensures unrivaled defense against wear and tear.

What sets BowSightShield apart is its ingenious design. We've added an arresting panel, making sure the cover stays securely in place. No need to worry about it slipping off unexpectedly. But when you need it off, it comes off effortlessly, giving you full control.

Invest in the BowSightShield today and experience unmatched protection for your valuable sight equipment. Don't compromise on quality and safeguard your gear with the best. Order now!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 2.5 in


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