best scope covers for hunting

Scope Covers That Get the Job Done and Won’t Piss You Off

Nothing is more frustrating than missing a shot because your scope lens got fogged, frozen, covered in debris, or eaten by Sasquatch. Unless of course, you want to talk about buying scope lenses only to find out the size is wrong, and the actual process of removing them to get a shot takes longer than a day at the DMV. In the world of shooting, whether it’s with a bow or for competition, just a one-second delay can mean going home empty-handed and questioning everything in life. That’s why we created the best scope covers for hunting, archery, rifle shooting, Benchrest shooting, and more.

The original thought that created the ScopeShield was “Hell, I can develop something better than this!” and that is the underlying theme to all of our products.

Best Scope Covers for Hunting, Archery, Range Shooting, and more

ScopeShield® is committed to creating and advancing products that benefit those who appreciate hunting, marksmanship, the great outdoors, freedom, and things working how they are supposed to because #savethescopes. All of our products are designed to accentuate and improve the use or storage of optics whether mounted on a firearm or bow. Every product is designed to solve the massive problem shooters experience in the field or on the range.

Who Started ScopeShield?

It all started in 1995 when avid hunter Jon Stram, who walked uphill both ways to school, wandered into extreme conditions and realized that he needed something better than what was currently on the market to protect his shot. To say he experienced scope rage is a massive understatement.

Out of pure scope rage and love for the hunt, Jon made his first design. This design was then improved when other needs surfaced such as the desire to keep a very expensive scope safe from scrapes and dings while in the field or storage. To solve these problems, “ScopeShield” developed the first ever neoprene scope cover.

Today, we are a team of craftsmen, veterans (strike-hold!), and tacticians making products designed to outlast and outperform in every circumstance.

Save the Scopes

Our Neoprene scope covers don’t just protect your shot, and thus your sanity, but they also protect the entire scope and the investment you’ve made in it. At this point, we don’t even want a thank you- we want to get the word out, so others don’t experience what we now call, “scope rage.” We want to, yes, save the scopes.

Take a look at the best scope covers, for hunting and more, in our shop.

Craftsmen, Veterans, Hunters, and Competition Shooters

We know we have the best scope covers for hunting, benchrest shooting, archery, and more because of our team of tactical and hunting experts:

best scope covers for hunting

From the wilds of Alaska bear country to the rocky canyons of the Texas Aoudad, our team of expert hunters have tried anything and everything in every climate and terrain in their pursuit of the perfect prize. They test our products in the roughest, wettest and wildest conditions to ensure we can call our scope covers the best scope covers for hunting and any other sport or hobby requiring a scope.

ScopeShield’s team of veterans and officers help ensure that our products are crafted to serve not only hunters but military and law enforcement personnel with a unique set of needs and priorities. They know that keeping your firearm clean and accurate is a priority and our products are developed with this in mind, to keep your gun performing at the absolute highest level.

best scope covers for hunting and tactical military
best scope covers for hunting

Bow Hunting continues to be on the rise as more and more men and women become archers for sport or hunting, our own staff included! As the number of archers rises, the call becomes louder for better protection for the intricate optics and pins of bow sights. Our performance-crafted bow products are developed with the input of archers concerned with protecting their investment and as always, being the best scope covers for hunting, especially bow-hunting.

Benchrest Shooting is a sport that requires precision and accuracy and any accessories for a BRS scope must deliver the same. This is why we worked side by side with Jason Stanley, an national Benchrest Shooter, to develop the ActionExpress™ Benchrest product, uniquely designed for the needs of a top-tier competitor.

best scope covers for hunting and benchrest shooting

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