benefits and features of using a rifle scopes scopeshield

Benefits and Features of the ScopeShield

Protect Your Investment and Add Life to Your Scope

There are three basic attributes any scope protection device designed for hunting, whether it’s for rifle scopes or bow sights, should have: Protection, Simplicity, and Speed.

1. Protection
A scope protection device MUST protect both scope lenses from any weather or field condition confronted WITHOUT FAILING. Rain, humidity, snow, changing temperatures, dust, dirt, mud, etc. – None of these should affect your scope, your scope protection device, or any of it’s protective functions in any way.

2. Simplicity
It must be easy and foolproof to use in the field while hunting.

3. Speed
It must not slow down the hunter or his reactions in any way.

. . . . . . . . . ScopeShield Always Keeps . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . Never Fog Up in Rough Weather Again . . . . .

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Benefits of ScopeShield for Your Rifle Scopes, Shotgun Scopes, or Bow Sights

A ScopeShield scope cover is a benefit to any hunter who uses a scope-mounted firearm. Whether it’s for rifle scopes, shotgun scopes, handgun scopes, or a muzzleloader scope. It doesn’t matter what type of action the firearm uses – Bolt Action, Lever Action, Pump, Semi-Auto, Rolling Block, Single Shot, Revolver, Side by Side, Over/Under (although I haven’t seen too many scopes mounted to either Side by Sides or Over/Unders). If the firearm is equipped to use a scope, ScopeShield has an application that will cover it.

Why Cover a Scope?

There are several good reasons to cover a scope, particularly in a hunting situation. Although there are some hunting situations where covering your scope may not seem as essential, in most scenarios a cover will benefit you, not hinder you. A well-designed scope cover will not slow down a hunter’s responses to any hunting situation but will keep your scope AND rifle ready at all times when in the field.

A ScopeShield scope cover is also beneficial when transporting your firearm in a gun case or storing it in a safe. We have heard the same story time and time again from hunters who keep more than one firearm in a safe: Their expensive scope ends up rubbing against another scope or rough edge that then damages their device. Keeping your ScopeShield on the scope even in storage can prevent against any damage that would occur while in transport or in the safe. It does not matter whether your scope is inexpensive or you spent a small fortune on it, a ScopeShield will preserve the value of your scope time and time again.

Features of a ScopeShield

View the diagram below to see the anatomy of a ScopeShield. Each attribute has its own benefit that promotes better protection for your device.

anatomy of a rifle scopes scopeshield

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