how to use your scopeshield

How to Use Your ScopeShield® Scope Cover in 5 Steps

The ScopeShield scope cover is a simple, but effective device. It is easy to attach and use, and you’ll learn quickly how to use it most effectively. See below for visual guidance.

how to use a scopeshield

Place the large Retainer Loop™ of the ScopeShield scope cover around the fore-end of your rifle, and let it hang below the barrel. If your rifle is not equipped with a sling, loop a large rubber band through the Retainer Loop™ and back through itself. Slide the rubber band onto the fore-end. In the absence of a sling, this will prevent the loss of your scope cover while hunting.

how to use a scopeshield

If you do use a sling, detach the sling swivel from the fore-end of your rifle. Hopefully, you have a quick detachable sling swivel; that makes this process much quicker and easier.

how to use a scopeshield

Slide the ScopeShield scope cover past the sling mount and replace the sling and sling swivel onto the fore-end of your rifle. Your scope cover is now attached to your firearm and ready to use.

how to use a scopeshield

Place the front end of the ScopeShield scope cover (the end with the large Retainer Loop™) over the objective (front) end of your scope. Place your index finger and middle finger inside the scope cover on the rear end (the end with the small “grabber” loop), and stretch toward the rear of the scope, dropping it down over the scope. That’s all there is to it.

how to use a scopeshield

To release the ScopeShield scope cover from your scope, grasp the small “grabber” loop with your thumb and index finger of your trigger hand, and give it a small tug back and up, and the scope cover will fly free of your scope.

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