who uses scopeshield

Who Uses ScopeShield

Primarily, there are two types of people that use ScopeShield.

1. Any Person Using a Firearm Equipped with a Scope.

A ScopeShield scope cover is a benefit to anyone who uses a scope-mounted firearm. These firearms include anything from rifles and shotguns to handguns and muzzleloaders. It does not matter whether your firearm uses a bolt action, lever action, pump, semi-automatic, rolling block, single shot, revolver, side by side, or even an over/under action.

If the firearm is equipped to use a scope, ScopeShield has an application that will cover it.

There are several good reasons to cover a scope, particularly in a hunting situation. Although there are some hunting situations where covering your scope may not seem as essential, in most scenarios a cover will benefit you, not hinder you. A well designed scope cover will not slow down a hunter’s responses to any hunting situation, but will keep his or her scope AND rifle ready at all times when in the field.

2. A Guide, Outfitter, or Businessman.

The customers who you equip with ScopeShield scope covers are more likely to have clear views and accurate shots at their game. These customers, who find success thanks to ScopeShield and your business, are more likely to come back AND tell those they know about their positive experience, which helps grow and strengthen your business immensely.

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