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Scope Covers by ScopeShield

Fast, Simple, and Quiet

ScopeShield neoprene scope covers offer easy-to-use scope protection for your optical scopes from dirt, snow, and rain in transport, yet come off in a microsecond.

Made in the U.S.A.

the action express by scopeshield
Graphic Prints
the action express by scopeshield
Graphic Prints

Customer Testimonials

Scope Covers
“I found ScopeShield through a friend and it’s changed the game when it comes to clean and clear optics. It’s silent and durable, keeps the rain, dust, wind, bushes and anything else away from your scope. It’s easily removable for quick shots!! I love the product and recommend it to anyone who wants that little advantage!”
– Jeremiah D. –
Scope Covers

“Took down this Barbary Sheep in Texas and it was quite dusty. Glad I had my ScopeShield cover with me.”
– Tom E. –

Scope Covers

“It fit the scope perfectly and looked great with my black stock and stainless steel barrel. I was really impressed with the quality stitching and felt I had made a good purchase decision.”
– Ed S. –

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