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ActionExpress™ – BenchRest Shooting

ScopeShield™ introduces the ActionExpress™

The ActionExpress is the first scope cover of its kind to protect both the scope and action specifically designed for the Benchrest shooter.

This product combines the time-tested ScopeShield Scope Cover that protects your rifle scope with unique side panels that protect the rifle action.

ScopeShield’s ActionExpress is made out of 3MM neoprene laminated with nylon fabric on both sides for long-lasting protection from foreign matter and moisture. The Grabber Loop™ allows for quick on and off in the field or at the bench.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your scope.

action express bench rest shooting

Neoprene’s cushioning abilities make it ideal for protecting rifle-mounted scopes from the elements as well as from dings, scrapes, and impact.


  • Protects the action from marring due to debris
  • Made of 100% premium quality neoprene
  • Resistant to water, oils, and solvents
  • Helps provide insulation against heat and cold
  • Helps provide protection against impact
  • Flexible and able to maintain its shape over time
  • Neoprene is a stretchy material that helps it conform to the shape of scopes
  • High-quality and highly durable
  • Keep your scope lenses clean and clear of dirt and dust
  • Easy to take off and easy to put back on


action express bench rest shooting

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