Thank you for your interest in sharing your product idea with ScopeShield, Inc. This page was created to help individuals and companies learn how to submit product ideas to ScopeShield, Inc. ScopeShield, Inc. wants to connect with high-quality business partners whose products match ScopShield, Inc.’s goals, strategies, and business needs.

About the Submission Process

We believe that such ideas must be considered under a uniform set of conditions and that each person who submits an idea to us must be aware of and AGREE to such conditions in advance. In this way, we can avoid any misunderstandings that might otherwise arise in the future concerning our rights and obligations with respect to an idea.

Please be aware that many ideas submitted to us are duplicative of ideas or technology already in existence, therefore, available to everyone. Further, some ideas we receive are duplicative of concepts that we are already considering or are already using to enhance our existing products or develop new ones. Thus, we cannot make any representations, nor can we assume any obligations, with respect to any idea submitted to us.

To properly evaluate suggestions and ideas, it is our policy to require anyone who is interested in submitting an idea to complete and submit the Submission Form that appears below. It is also our policy to receive and consider submitted ideas only on a non-confidential basis.

Please do not submit the following:

  • Product ideas that you do not own or have the full legal right to represent, or about which you are unable to provide information on a non-confidential basis.
  • Confidential information or documents. Remember, all information submitted must be non-confidential. Do not submit confidential information. We will not review any documents that are marked ‘Confidential’ or the equivalent. The documents will be deleted from our system, and the submission will be automatically declined.
  • Ideas, suggestions, or thoughts that do not include protectable intellectual property.
  • Designs for use on any product you do not own or control. This includes designs for use on current ScopeShield products.

If you are interested in submitting an idea to us, and the conditions set forth herein are acceptable to you, please complete the form below and depress the Submit button.



Thank you for your interest in ScopeShield, Inc. and the enhancement of ScopeShield’s product line.



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