Sniper Gray Neoprene Scope Cover


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Sniper Gray is an all-around good camo color because of how prevalent it is in nature and makes for an excellent transitional color when moving between light and dark shadows. It is a medium to dark gray shade with a slightly cool undertone. The color is designed to provide effective camouflage and concealment in various environments, particularly urban and rocky terrains.

Sniper Gray is chosen for its ability to blend in with concrete structures, asphalt, and other man-made materials commonly found in urban settings. Its neutral gray tone helps to minimize reflections and shadows, making it harder for the human eye to detect the presence of individuals or equipment.

In military and tactical contexts, Sniper Gray is often applied to uniforms, gear, and equipment, including firearms and optics. The color is favored by snipers and special forces units, as it allows them to operate covertly and remain undetected while carrying out their missions.

Beyond its practical camouflage purposes, Sniper Gray also has an aesthetic appeal, conveying a sense of professionalism, precision, and tactical effectiveness. Its usage extends beyond the military and can be seen in civilian products such as outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories for those who appreciate its functional and stylish characteristics.

It's worth noting that exact shades of Sniper Gray may vary depending on specific manufacturers or applications, but the overall goal remains consistent: to provide effective concealment and enhance the operational effectiveness of military and tactical personnel.

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SS-04 (4" Optic), SS-05 (5" Optic), SS-06 (6" Optic), SS-07 (8" Scope), SS-08 (9" Scope), SS-09 (10" Scope), SS-10 (11" Scope), SS-11 (12" Scope), SS-12 (13" Scope), SS-13 (14" Scope), SS-14 (15" Scope), SS-15 (16" Scope), SS-16 (17" Scope), SS-17 (18" Scope), SS-18 (19″ Scope), SS-19 (20″ Scope), SS-20 (21″ Scope), SS-21 (22″ Scope), SS-22 (23″ Scope)


2mm, 3mm


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