Desert Sage


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Military Influenced – Desert Sage, a common desert shrub, with wooly, gray-green leaves. The versatile color is defined by its grayish, silvery undertones and goes well with earth (natural) tones like browns, greens, khaki, and shades of black.

Optimal locations to use Desert Sage includes the Columbia Basin ( Washington, Oregon, and Idaho), and down south to the deserts of Mexico.



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SS-04 (4" Optic), SS-05 (5" Optic), SS-06 (6" Optic), SS-07 (8" Scope), SS-08 (9" Scope), SS-09 (10" Scope), SS-10 (11" Scope), SS-11 (12" Scope), SS-12 (13" Scope), SS-13 (14" Scope), SS-14 (15" Scope), SS-15 (16" Scope), SS-16 (17" Scope)


2mm, 3mm


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