Going Hunting in the Summertime

The heat of summer can deter some folks from getting out and going hunting. However, summer is a unique time to hunt, and it can be very rewarding if you prepare for it properly and have the right information. From shooting down small birds to squirrel hunting, you can score new game and improve your skills for the hunting seasons to come. 

Summer Hunting Season

While many hunting seasons traditionally begin in the fall, there are ample opportunities to go hunting during the summer throughout the United States. Check out the hunting regulations in the state you want to hunt in to learn about what wildlife you can hunt during the summer months.

Small Game Hunting During Summer

If you usually focus on hunting deer, planning hunting trips for small game can be refreshing and present new challenges. Trying to shoot smaller game like doves, pigeons, and squirrels can improve your shooting accuracy and reflexes. These animals tend to be quicker and often harder to spot. 

Let’s Go Squirrel Hunting

While squirrel hunting, and small game hunting in general, has declined in the past decades, it’s still well known to be a lot of fun. Compared to hunting whitetails during fall, hunting squirrels during summer can be peaceful and quiet. You likely won’t find much competition, and the solitude offers an excellent opportunity to teach youth and the less experienced how to hunt.

There are also a plethora of places to go squirrel hunting. Look for squirrels where their food sources are. Promising spots to catch a squirrel are near big oak trees, full of acorns they can feed on. When hunting squirrels during summer, aim to get out during the early morning when it’s cooler or in the late afternoon and early evening. Just make sure to get a small game license and review the hunting regulations in your area before you head out.

Choose Your Gun

There are optimal weapons for small game. A few of these include a .22 rifle, a shotgun, and a modern air rifle. Using a scope with a rifle can definitely help pinpoint small game. Consider the damage that the gun and bullets you are using will have on the animal you hunt. If you plan on skinning your catch and cooking the meat, you may want to opt for a gun and ammo that will leave the animal’s meat mostly intact.

Summer Hunting Gear

One of the biggest challenges to summer hunting is adjusting to the heat. You’ll want to make sure that you wear clothing that is lightweight and breathable. Consider investing in odor-resistant or odor-absorbing gear to control your scent.

Taking Advantage of the Summer Hunting Season

Like all seasons, hunting during the summer presents its own challenges. At times the heat may seem unbearable, and the game might not be what you’re used to. However, hunting in the summer certainly has its benefits. Take our advice to improve your shot, and find tranquility in the great outdoors.

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