Proper gun storage for the home is what makes a home defense tool versus a risk to your family’s safety. In the case of a robbery when you aren’t home, proper storage also protects against additional liabilities that can arise if your firearms are stolen. Protect your family and the investment you’ve made into your guns by always storing them correctly.

Many people have great intentions with their storage. They buy the necessary storage equipment, and they take a safety class, but then they get lazy or forgetful and don’t follow gun storage guidelines. Firearm storage is an area where mistakes risk lives. Proper storage should go beyond having a safe place to put away your guns after use. It should include strategies and communication with the people in your household to make they are always used properly and safely.

If you’re a first-time gun owner, storage equipment should be part of your budget. Don’t buy a gun until you have a safe place to keep it at all times. This includes when you’re home and out of the house.

Why Proper Gun Storage for the Home Is Important

The number of guns stolen from private homes each year is between 200,000 – 400,000. In many states, that number is on the rise. The opportunity to use a weapon that isn’t connected with them is a big attractant to thieves. While it may seem like having firearms in the house would be a deterrent to burglars, the opportunity to steal weapons can actually make your house an attractive target.

Storing your guns properly protects you from ever having to worry about being the person who put a loaded weapon into the wrong set of hands.

If you have kids in the house, proper storage is especially important. On average, 1,300 children die from gun-related incidents every year in the U.S. That doesn’t count the number of injuries sustained that kids survive.. Our kids look up to us and want to do everything we do. Locking your weapons up doesn’t just protect your kids; it also models good  care and safety for them. When they are old enough to shoot with you, they’ll know what the expectations are when it comes to caring for their weapon and upholding the safety of others.

How to Store Firearms

The best storage system for you depends on the type of guns you own and what you use them for. For example, if you own a rifle you use only for deer hunting, you can store it differently than if you own a pistol for home invasion protection.


Every gun owner should have a trigger lock and a case for each of their firearms. Nowadays, many already come with a trigger lock when you purchase them. Trigger locks are affordable at less than $20 apiece. These devices lock the trigger into place so it can’t accidentally be discharged. A case is another affordable necessity that protects your gun from exterior damage (scratches, moisture, etc.). It can also be locked for transportation to a sporting or hunting event. The laws around locking your gun case vary from state to state, so make sure to look up your state’s laws.

Some exciting news if you’re not a professional hunter or sportsman: you can spend just $30 and cover the basics. However, if you’re an avid hunter or if you want to store your gun in an accessible area for home protection, you’ll need a more sophisticated system.

Accessories and Enhancements

Vaults provide indoor mounting and storage opportunities with much faster access than a locked case. The NRA recommends both the MV500-STD MicroVault and the Speedvault SVB 500 from GunVault. Both of these storage options offer safety via their advanced locking mechanisms. In order to get inside the vault, you must unlock it with a code or with your fingerprint. This storage method is virtually full-proof!

For sporting guns like rifles, step up your storage game with a safe. Again, the locking mechanism of a safe is much more advanced than a simple case. Safes provide better environmental protection from moisture and scratching as well. Don’t forget to protect your accessories with scope covers and ammo holders.

Keeping your firearms and accessories properly stored and organized will make it easier to get outside and use them when you want to. Plus, protective accessories like scope covers reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do and increase the longevity of your guns and accessories.

Talking to Your Family About Proper Gun Storage for the Home

The safest storage method is one your whole family understands and follows. Educate your kids and anyone else who lives in your home about where guns are stored, and who is or isn’t allowed to access them. Create a safety protocol for what to do if a firearm is seen outside of its proper storage. Practice this protocol just like you would a fire drill. Protecting your family starts with teaching them how to store firearms the right way. Make sure anyone in your home who is allowed access has been through a safety class.

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