Hunting starts way before that moment when you are in the field pulling back your bow string or shouldering your firearm. A question that always arises from new hunters, as well as seasoned hunters alike, is “what should I be preparing for my hunt?

Because this topic covers so many areas, let’s simplify it by breaking it up. Being a corporate trainer, I train others to set achievable goals; achieving them by setting out a structured guide to divide learning. We break it up into simpler sections that you can master before moving on to the next, so not to overwhelm yourself or others. Using this formula, let’s separate our question into three parts. Using these three parts, we can dive deeper into hunting and become masters of preparation.

  1. Practicing your aim.
  2. Planning your route.
  3. Preparing your body.

I call these areas the “Three P’s”. In the following three blog posts, I will explore each of the three P’s.

We will cover “Practice your aim”. In this first post, we will discuss practice time with bows, rifles and shotguns – by discussing range time, real world scenarios, ammo, maintenance, angles and distance.

We will look at what it means to “Plan your route” in the following post – talking about maps, zones, weather, camping, water and GPS. We will get “hands-on” with tips and techniques to planning a better hunt starting with the “what, why and where.”

The third post will cover the topic that many hunters ignore or don’t think they need to do; that is “Prep your body”. We will look deeper into the physical and mental areas of prepping your body – talking about exercise, stamina, practice and calming heart rate, as well as that dreaded buck fever.

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