There is a rustle of branches beneath her feet as the explorers dodge tree limbs from every direction. The cool wind grazes her face as she holds the camera steady in front of her. As she climbs over a pile of rocks, she stops in her tracks. She and a deer lock eyes, neither moving an inch. She takes a deep breath and soaks in the beauty of the creature and the surrounding nature in front of her.

Roberta, along with her husband Gary, are an incredible, dynamic duo. They’re eager to experience all the wonders of of the outdoors. They are not your average outdoors-men. Roberta has taken several survival courses – qualifying her as an equipped explorer, ready to take on whatever nature presents. Gary is an artist and electrician, and can make anything needed to survive a turbulent adventure.

It all began in the Fall of 2008, when Roberta decided to venture out with Gary for a full hunting trip. Through training, trial and error, and a strong partnership, Roberta and Gary have now made the outdoors a lifestyle that they share. Together, they have found an unbreakable connection through their love of the unknown. They want to share it with fellow hunters, outdoors-men, and avid explorers.

Join Gary and Roberta as they travel through the wilderness of beautiful Oregon in their homemade camper. Grab a front row seat as they engage in a suspenseful hunt, camping trip, or quest. Watch as they have to make due with the supplies they carry on their back. It is going to be a wild ride – join them on their next journey.

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