Whenever I head on a trip or go out hunting, I always bring my hunting survival pack. It holds the necessities I need for any emergency situation I could find myself in.

It’s as important to my hunts as my gun, but I also use it every day.

Every morning I head out with my faithful dog, Kimber, strap on my 45, put on my typical hunting clothes and boots, and my ‘hunting survival pack’, and take off for a ½ hour, 2 mile hike. It keeps me in minimal shape, and when I put on my hunting gear and pack come hunting season, it’s just my regular old outfit. I don’t even think about the fact that I’m armed and carrying a lightweight pack with all of the necessities for life.

Let me go into detail on my hunting survival pack; by necessities, I mean my light day pack – currently a Go-Lite pack – a water bottle, a 10 x 10 sil-nylon tarp, a bivy sack, an insulated air mattress, a one pound 900 fill power down quilt by Jacks R’ Better, a dozen lightweight stakes, my cook kit, stove, several means of starting a fire, a rain poncho, a down jacket, gloves, and a first aid kit. With all of that, I always feel confident that, no matter what happens, I can provide for the minimal necessities of life, and actually even be comfortable doing it.

Even when you think you don’t need one, you should always bring along emergency survival gear. You usually need it when you think you don’t. What gear do you have in your survival packs?

Stay safe out there, Jon

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