Yay! Gary’s here.

First hike should be a doozy. At least now we have two rigs. We can park one down below and drive up to the very top to cover more ground that way.

We split up to make one big huge circle of the area. Gary went downhill; I’m going to track uphill. Wind will be in his favor because it will carry my scent straight down to where he will be scouting. Hopefully something moves down there for him. Our plan is to meet at the very bottom junction. It’s important that I look for all traces of sign via sight, smell, and hearing. We need good info.

I love doing this with him.


Hello boys and girls!! Slimy green elk scat and fresh track. This is what I’ve been scouting for all week. Finally feeling optimistic and excited.

Well now we have a bigger problem. The old guy who has been hunting up here for years just pulled into the area. We need to develop a game plan and in a hurry. Opening day is only a day away and now a skilled hunter showed up. He might be old but he’s tenacious. One of those hunters that won’t quit until dark. Sometimes his grandson or brother shows up. Makes it harder on us. Too hot to hunt so back to camp to strategize.


Yippy! Fresh tracks where I drove twice earlier today. My gut told me that based on where I saw hunters today, something should have moved. And they did! I covered it up as quickly as I could. Hopefully good enough.

Burgers and salads for dinner. Mr.Man treats me right after putting in the miles and finding us some real sign that nobody else has seen. Good day!

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