Day 13: We slept in. The thermostat said 35-degrees in the cargo trailer and 33-degrees in the tent. Burrrrrrrr!

At 6am, our neighbor Mr. Hoot Owl was hooting up a storm. By 7am, the camp robbers (the jays we had been feeding for two weeks) were dancing all around the top of the cargo trailer. They were hungry and wanted breakfast.

We fed the jays meal-worms and left over breakfast.

I start their day with a plate full of meal-worms and then add to it based on what we don’t finish from breakfast or last night’s leftovers. They are spoiled!

Pack up day – always such a sad day for me. I don’t want to leave.

Packing up our camp to head home.

Our camp starts out so beautiful. Very inviting… but we pack and before we know it, we’re ready to leave. We make sure to follow the “leave no trace rule”.

Driving away and following the no trace rule.

We may not be leaving with any elk, but we are definitely leaving with many memories and me with much, much more training under my belt. I love God’s Country and hope to enjoy many more adventures to come.

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