On September 22nd, 2016, ScopeShield requested applications from bow hunters to test a new ScopeShield product being released this winter. ScopeShield, Inc., based in Eugene, Oregon, is the manufacturer of the original neoprene scope cover, the ScopeShield.

For over 20 years, ScopeShield has been providing high quality neoprene scope covers to gun and rifle hunters worldwide.

ScopeShield CEO, Emmanuel Rivera, says, “We’ve had hundreds of requests from loyal customers for a product that appeals to the growing population of bow hunters. Our team of experienced product engineers came together to brainstorm ideas. We’re now ready to introduce our first product to field testers.”

More than 50 hunters applied to test the few prototypes available. After much deliberation, ScopeShield selected six applicants. All avid bow hunters with not only ability, but an awesome appeal for why they would be the right candidate to help develop this new product through testing in a variety of conditions. Once the feedback is received and implemented, a product launch will be scheduled…stay tuned!

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