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My First Hunting Experience

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It’s crazy for me to go back and think about the life that brought me to today. I grew up in a modest blue-collar family: dad was a hardworking electrician and mom was a domestic engineer (homemaker in layman terms). There were four kids in our family, all expected to do our best, respect God and our elders, get good grades, participate in sports and learn an instrument. The family gathered regularly in our living room to practice our family bluegrass band repertoire. There wasn’t much room in our activity schedule to include camping very often. When we did, it usually involved a camper in a campground and a bit of water skiing.

Weight Training for the Fall Hunting Season

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It’s that time of year to get SERIOUS about getting in shape for the fall hunting seasons! Lose that off season padding around the middle, and start getting those old meat-packing muscles back into hiking trim.


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It’s been quite a week. Last weekend, my 94 year old Mother in Law, you had lived with my wife and I for the past 3 ½ years, died, and went to be with the Lord. Then, along comes the tragic mass murder in Charleston. And, finally, along comes Fathers Day. What a mix of thoughts and emotions all of that brings along.

How to sort it out? What kind of a message can you get from three seemingly unrelated events? Is it worth the time and effort, to link these together, and try to make some sense of it all?

I don’t know, but I’m going to give it my best shot. If nothing else, you may get a better sense of how my warped, twisted mind works.

A Day At The Range

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a day at the rangeLast Wednesday, I spent an enjoyable morning and early afternoon over at our local shooting range. The Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, outside of Shedd, Oregon. One of the nicest shooting facilities I’ve ever been associated with.

My Experience in Hunter's Safety Class

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It’s been years since my first Hunter’s Safety Course. 43 years to be exact. 1972 in Newberg, Oregon. I was a senior in High School. I’d just moved that summer, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My uncles, John and Don, had invited me to accompany them on their annual cross country hunting trip. They’d start out in Salem, Oregon, and drive and hunt their way across the state until they’d reached the Malheur area in Southeast Oregon. I had never had the chance for an adventure like that, so of course I was in!

Making Your First Shot Count

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Making your first shot count is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re hunting. Often, you won’t get a second chance.


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