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3 Important Tips for Practicing Your Aim

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I cannot tell you how many times I have headed out into the field with a friend, new hunter or family member and I hear, “I really wish I could have spent more time practicing shooting first, before the hunt.

Preparing For The Hunt

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jeremiah preparing for the hunt

Hunting starts way before that moment when you are in the field pulling back your bow string or shouldering your firearm. A question that always arises from new hunters, as well as seasoned hunters alike, is “what should I do to prepare for my hunt?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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save the racksThroughout our many years of working with wonderful ScopeShield customers, we have seen more and more female hunters – strong, dedicated ladies with a passion for the outdoors and the sport of hunting. Seeing as it is October, we want to encourage those ladies, and everyone else, to take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer affects the lives of far too many beautiful and skilled women that we know and love.

From Field To Plate

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jeremiah doughtyMy name is Jeremiah Doughty, born and raised living the Southern lifestyle…. Well, the Southern California lifestyle. I was not raised as your typical hunter/fishermen, I was raised in the surf and the sand, wearing sandals rather than boots. But when it came time for hunting or fishing I became your non-typical California kid. Growing up, as soon as the weather dropped from 95 to a chilling 75, I knew that fall was here. Fall meant one thing for me, hunting!

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