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Custom Orders

Your Custom Logo on a ScopeShieldGet Your Logo on Custom Scope Covers!

Custom ScopeShield® Scope Covers Make the Perfect Gifts for Friends & Clients.

Whether you are a company, group, association, or club — getting your logo or custom graphic printed on ScopeShield scope covers can be a great way to show pride, offer a gift of appreciation, or raise money. We make the process easy! Whatever your logo, we can provide custom ScopeShield scope covers in quantities from 20-10,000.

Artwork and Graphics for ScopeShield scope covers are done via a process called Silk screening. To set up for your logo or graphic artwork, we must first receive the artwork from you. Usable artwork is in a format called Vector. If your artwork does not come to us in a Vector format, it will need to be "vectorized."

Set-up for Vector graphics you provide is $25 per color per image or side. Set-up for non-Vector graphics is an additional $20-100 depending on the graphic.

Please Note: We accept designs and logos that are original pieces. We cannot print copyright logos or images, unless you have the legal usage rights to such logos. 

Pricing for Custom ScopeShield scope covers (One color):

20-40 $19.95
41-60 $18.95
61-80 $17.95
81-100 $16.95
101-200 $15.95
201-300 $14.95
301-400 $14.95
401-500 $13.95
501-750 $13.95
751-999 $12.95
1,000+ $12.95

Add .50 per piece for each additional color.


You order 100 ScopeShield scope covers with your custom three color logo. Your logo is provided in a Vector format. You will pay:

$25.00 set-up  X 3 colors = $75.00

$15.00 X 100 ScopeShield scope covers = $1500.00

$1.00 for 2 additional colors X 100 ScopeShield covers = $100.00

Total for your order = $1675.00

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