Salmon fishing in Alaska is no doubt on the bucket list of every angler out there- and for good reason. After all, Alaska is known for the “king” salmon, also known as the Chinook, which is plentiful in many fishing expanses around the beautiful state of Alaska.

If you enjoy fly fishing for salmon and you dig luxurious lodges or state parks for camping during your fishing trip, Alaska has you covered. If you’re into chartered boats and instructors, the beautiful state offers those too. Alaska seriously has everything you could ever begin to want on a salmon fishing trip.

Since salmon is so prevalent there, we decided to compile a list of the top five best places in Alaska to fish for Salmon. Read on to discover all the best places the last frontier offers.


Salmon Fishing in Alaska at Bristol Bay

salmon fishing in alaska

Here, you’ll come in contact with some of the most massive salmon found on Earth. You won’t just discover one type of salmon. Nope, there are tons. The pickings range from the king salmon to the chum salmon and the pink humpback.

Bristol is secluded due to its water levels being pretty low and filled with sandbars. Because of this, big fishing vessels can’t make it into these waters. This means that there are plenty of fish untouched just waiting for you.

However, because it’s isolated within the Bering Sea, it’s a good idea to find a fishing service that will take you there. Check out this one.

You might also want to look into staying at the famous fly-out Royal Wolf Lodge during your fishing trip.


Salmon Kodiak Moment on Kodiak Island

salmon fishing in alaska

If you want some excellent saltwater fishing, Kodiak Island produces terrific results. Some have called this the “Mecca” for Coho salmon.

Coho salmon are smaller than the famous king salmon. Despite their size, they still put up an aggressive battle for their lives. Since they have more enthusiasm than a fish twice as big as them, you might want to carry around a few extra poles while fishing for Coho’s just in case yours breaks during the fight.

You can access this island fishing on your own by road which leads to a river. However, a float plane or charter boat may be your best option for getting into the still, with hidden bays teeming with silver or Coho salmon in the right season. If you’re into a quieter and more peaceful environment, Kodiak island might be the best bet for you. In this more secluded area, you’ll be sure to catch more fish than you can handle.


Kenai River Salmon Fishing

salmon fishing in alaska

Our list of salmon fishing in Alaska wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Kenai River. We know we’ve mentioned this specific fish already, but if you want a solid area to put your king salmon fishing to the test, the Kenai River is the place for you. King salmon here can weigh up to 50 pounds!

It’s true that some fish companies are not having the greatest time catching the king here, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t available. The key to seizing these famous salmon is by doing some research on some of the lesser known areas to fish on the Kenai.

In addition to the king, silver salmon can also be found at Resurrection Bay, and sockeye salmon are ripe for the taking on the Upper Kenai River. You can also check out Kenai Riverside Fishing, which can help you with lodging and getting set up for fly fishing, drift fishing, and back trolling. There are lots of choices with this fishing company, and they’ll be sure to help you out whether you want to fish from shore or from a boat.


Catch it at Ketchikan

salmon fishing in alaska

This city has received the nickname of “Salmon Capital of the World.” If you’re eager to gain more training on fishing, you’ll find some of the best anglers located in Ketchikan. Why? It just so happens that over 30% of Ketchikan’s population earns their wages through fishing and processing fish, keeping the fisheries in working order. The history of the Ketchikan fishing industry is quite fascinating.

Though many tourists flock to Ketchikan each year to visit shops and boardwalks, fishermen flock to the waters like seagulls scraps along the shores. Check out Rainy Day Charters if you’re interested in a historical fishing journey. You can book your charter for either 1-2 hours or 6-8 hours and it’ll take you beyond the harbors of Ketchikan where you can fish for salmon to your heart’s content.


Nushagak River Salmon

salmon fishing in alaska

Once you get past the pronunciation, we promise you’ll find this fishing area a thrill. Annually, the Nushagak River has 100,000, and sometimes even up to 165,000 king salmon running up its waters. These numbers, crazy as they may be, make the Nushagak river one of the most robust king salmon runs in the world.

The river starts around the Alaska Range, then hits Nushagak Bay and Bristol Bay thus creating many places to fish along the 280 miles of the river. Whether you’re fly fishing or fishing with a lure, you’re sure to catch at least one keeper in this river. Check out Angler Alibi’s King Camp for lodging, guides, gear, and a great time.



Alaska has it all when it comes to salmon fishing- secluded areas, plenty of variety, and helpful lodging and accommodations. All you have to do now is decide which one of these places best suits your needs and desires. For more hunting and fishing content, check out




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