We need the best gear to get the best results when we go hunting. We need it to be adaptive – just like the animals, we hunt. This means equipment that withstands the elements. We’re talking about snow, rain, muck, heat, and more. In this article, we’ll go over three core features to consider when you’re picking out the best hunting boots for your fall adventures and beyond.

Staying Comfortable in Cold Conditions

Depending on where you go hunting, fall temperatures can drop rapidly. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from getting out in the woods or mountains. Many hunting boots are designed to keep your feet warm and protected from frostbite. Whether you need to stand still and silently wait or keep moving, good boots made with the following features will keep you warm.

Trap the Heat for Warm Feet

Our bodies are producing heat all the time. Boots designed to keep you warm will trap that heat and help you stay comfortable in cold weather. Look for boots with one-piece uppers with a snug fit around the ankles. Simply put, boots with these features will lock in your body heat. Additionally, you’ll want boots with an impermeable outer material. This outer layer will also aid in trapping warm air.

Consider Removable Thermal Liners

Removable thermal liners are an excellent way to add extra warmth to your boots. Thermal liners, like these liners from Schnee’s, are often made of wool or felt. Liners are a great option to add more insulation to your boots without adding much weight. You can also pack a few extra liners with you on your hunting trip. If one gets wet, change it out for a dry one the next day.

Hunting Boots to Keep Your Feet Dry

No one likes to move around in wet shoes. Especially not for long periods in cold weather. The best hunting boots will be waterproof.

Pick Water-Resistant Materials

Today, manufacturers make hunting boots from all sorts of materials. From synthetic to natural, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure that the one you pick is waterproof. Some examples of boots that use waterproof materials are these Irish Setter 808 Wingshooters that feature an ultra-dry leather exterior. You’ll also want your outsoles and midsoles waterproof. Soles made from GORE-TEX or rubber alternatives are guaranteed to repel water and keep your toes dry.

Jump on in with Muck Boots

If you know you could be standing in sludge or a foot of water, it’s worth investing in some muck boots. These boots are generally made of tear-resistant rubber that goes up towards your knees. They’re fully water-resistant and often have outsole lugs that will help you maintain traction over wet and muddy terrain. Additionally, you can hide your scent in these boots by scrubbing them down and rubbing dirt on them. Keep in mind; these boots don’t have great support, so you probably don’t want to take them when hiking on mountains.

The Best Hunting Boots for Warm Weather and Hiking

If you’re in an arid climate and want to cover land quickly, you’ll want a lightweight and durable boot. For these boots, skip extra insulation. When you’re on the move, your feet can overheat quickly – especially if your boots aren’t breathable. If you plan to carry a heavy pack or potentially an animal off the mountain, consider wearing boots with extra support.

Boots That Offer Extra Support

If you’re carrying extra weight, you’ll want boots with a stiffer and heavier sole. A rigid sole will help you dig into the side of a mountain and give you a good foothold over uneven terrain. You’ll also want your boots to have great ankle protection. A feature that can help with this is high laces. Boots that lace up towards your lower calf can support your lower leg to prevent twisted and broken ankles.

Hunting Boots for Every Condition

Depending on where you live, or rather, where you like to hunt, the best hunting boots will vary significantly. Whether you find yourself in cold, wet, or hot conditions (or a combination of them all), we encourage you to scout out the best hunting boots for you.

Just like you want to keep your feet safe and supported, you also want to do the same for your shooting equipment. Shop our ScopeShields for quality, durable protection for your scope. No matter what the season or the boots you’re wearing, we wish you a happy and safe hunt!

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