Hello all. My name is Jason Stanley. I am (in no particular order) an avid outdoorsman, teacher, Benchrest shooter, husband and father. Earlier this year (April) I was at a Benchrest tournament in Desoto Kansas. The wind was blowing 20-30 mph with occasional gusts to 40. All of the shooters were having trouble keeping dust and flying debris out of our rifle actions when the bolts were not in them. I was sitting at my bench looking at my scope cover and thought, “why can’t we just extend some flaps down that would protect both the scope and the action?”
Fast forward a couple months, many hours spent measuring, cutting and sewing, four revisions, and pleasant e-mails with Scope Shield and here is their prototype that I had the opportunity to give a test run at the 2017 Kansas State Score Championships in early June 2017.


The picture on the left shows the regular cover on top and the prototype on the bottom.
The picture on the right shows the prototype on my bench gun at the Kansas State Championships

The Results

The cover worked great and drew quite a bit of interest. This cover meets all three of the Scope Shield’s basic attributes; (Protection) it protected both the scope and the action. (Simplicity) it works the same easy way as their original scope shield covers. (Speed) it quietly slips on and off in a manner of seconds.
The wind was not near as rough as the April shoot, but the cover still did a flawless job of protecting the scope and action. I had 100% confidence that nothing was going to get onto my lens or into my action.
I am heading out to Casper Wyoming next week for the Long Range Score Nationals. Casper is known for its strong winds. This will give the prototype the workout it needs.
Until the next report, shoot straight.


Dust and debris can damage your action and trigger. When you’re out in the field, you need fast protection against the elements.

Benchrest Shooting Scope Protection Cover



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