Throughout our many years of working with wonderful ScopeShield customers, we have seen more and more female hunters. Strong, dedicated ladies with a passion for the outdoors and the sport of hunting. Seeing as it is October, we want to encourage those ladies, and everyone else, to take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer affects the lives of far too many beautiful and skilled women that we know and love. It can affect you, your mother, your daughter, or your sister. It can affect wonderful wife or girlfriend of yours who loves to hunt. We want to encourage all our readers and avid hunters out there to help promote breast cancer awareness this month. Help us SAVE THE RACKS!

Save the Racks

According to Susan G. Komen, approximately 231,840 new invasive cases will occur this year. And that’s just in 2015 alone! It is a life-threatening disease. We want to spread the word and help inform our female audience that they should participate in self-examinations, as often as possible, for early detection. Please visit the Susan G. Komen website (and encourage other women in your life to do so) to learn about the warning signs and risk factors. Most importantly, women between the ages of 35-40 should consider beginning mammogram screenings. If you or a woman you know has a family history of breast cancer, it is crucial to schedule mammograms annually. Mammograms are the number one screening method. If you have not already discussed it with your doctor, now is the time to do so.

To support breast cancer awareness, ScopeShield is offering a special offer on our pink ScopeShields:

Now, through October 31, 2015, you can use the coupon code: SAVETHERACKS , and receive 50% off your purchase of a pink scope cover.

Additionally, $1 of EVERY ScopeShield scope cover sold will be donated to the American Cancer Society to aid in breast cancer awareness and research. Pick up your pink scope cover today to show your support for breast cancer research in the “hunt” for cure!

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