If it’s your first time going on a hunt, congratulations, and welcome to the family. If it’s your 50th time, welcome back. We’re here to tell you where the best deer hunting states are. Although we’d love to give you the low down on all the states in our country (because we think it’s important to know them all) we’ll limit it to five so you’re not reading all night. You’re welcome.

5 Best Deer Hunting States

Enjoy the list below, and keep reading for some preparation tips.

1. Wisconsin


Wisconsin isn’t just known for its yummy cheese and nifty accents. Nope, it’s also a state full of giant white-tailed bucks just ready for the taking. It’s talked about that the Wisconsin deer have the perfect genetic strains for growing the best antlers in the world. Just one reason it’s one of the best deer hunting states on our list.

Although it’s hard to get access to the best land for hunting these fine antlered animals, finding them on public ground is still pretty easy to do. If you’re not a resident of the state of Wisconsin, you’ll have to pay about $160 for a license. But trust us: It’s well worth it, and still quite a bit cheaper than other states.

You can get your Wisconsin hunting license here.

2. Kansas


Out of all the states, Kansas gives hunters the 3rd best chance at winning a buck. But to attempt it, you’ll have to give up quite a few bucks of your own, and it might take a while to actually gain the privilege to hunt there.

To hunt in Kansas, you have to sign up for a lottery to get your permit. After that, you’ll need to wait a few years for a good area to draw. But to be able to see and participate in a hunt for abundant white-tailed deer is a privilege worth the wait.

Kansas is simply teeming with white-tailed deer, so if you can save up up the money, then head on down to the sunshine state for a fantastic deer hunt. The best area for hunting in Kansas is the central part of the state.

You can get your Kansas hunting license here.



Texas, known for everything big, boasts big deer, too. More white-tailed deer are killed in Texas versus any other state in our country. Not surprisingly, in the antlered buck harvest, Texas earned first place by getting a total of 290,590.

In addition to its big harvest of bucks, Texas also has a significant area of land for hunters to hunt on: .6 million acres, in fact. And what’s even better is that this is public land. So while other states have hard-to-access public lands, Texas doesn’t. If you’re looking for a great area to hunt, Brush County in the Lonestar state is one you won’t want to miss.

You can get your Texas hunting license here.

4. Kentucky


Some say that Kentucky is one of the best deer hunting states and for good reasoning.

  1. There are over a million acres of public land (compare that to Kansas).
  2. You can kill as many does as you buy tags for in some areas of the Bluegrass State.
  3. Kentucky is in 2nd place in the QDMA’s top five for the increase in antlered buck harvest.
  4. Affordable licenses are available.
  5. It’s a beautiful state to take part in a deer hunt.

It used to be quite the well-kept secret that Kentucky had such fantastic deer hunting, but we’ve helped let the secret out, cause we want you to know the best.

You can get your Kentucky hunting license here.

5. Indiana


If you’re in the midwest, you’ll want to check out Indiana for a great deer hunt. There you have a .084% chance of getting a booner buck. No other state in our country will give you that kind of opportunity. Indiana also boasts a 50% success rate in white-tailed deer hunting in the more than 55,000 acres of public land that it possesses. Parke County is a great place to check out since more B&C bucks were produced in the past ten years than in any other county in Indiana.

You can get your Indiana hunting license here.

5 Tips to Get Ready for Hunting

Before you head out on a hunt, you’ll need to get ready for it. We’ve provided the following ways that you can prepare for your next hunt.

1.Decide On Your Location

The location will help you know how much money you’ll need to save if you’ll need to purchase an out of state license or renew your current license, and what kind of guns you can bring. These details take some time to figure out, so start earlier rather than later.

2. Check Your Supplies

Hunting season may have been a long while ago, and your gear has probably been in storage for a while. Take a look at your guns and apparel and make sure they are in excellent condition before you head out on a hunt.

3. Practice Shooting

Take some time to clean your rifle and get outside or to a shooting range to brush up on your shooting skills. You don’t want to start your hunt for the great bucks with dusty techniques that you haven’t used in many months.

4. Get To Know the Area

Even if you’re not close geographically to the area you’ll be hunting in, you can still get to know the land by asking questions of the experts or checking out websites on the area. This will help you understand the deer patterns and habits.

5. Buy a Scope Cover

If you have a firearm with a scope, it’s a definite need to have a scope cover for your hunt. Your scope needs protection from the elements, whether it be rain, dirt, or fog. A scope cover will give your firearm the necessary protection it requires without hindering your gun or slowing you down in any way. Check out the best scope covers for your hunt.

You made it this far, and now you know a few things you should do to make sure you’re well prepared. You’re now more than ready and equipped to pick your next hunting spot out of the best deer hunting states in the country. Happy hunting to you.

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