There are all types of bad habits when it comes to long-range shooting. While we could go over them all, we thought we would focus on the three most common bad habits. These three bad habits are the absolute worst and will cause decreased success if they are not noted and changed. If you can get rid of these habits, your long-range shooting techniques will improve.

Bad Habit 1: Focusing Just on the Target

When long-range shooting becomes your hobby, it’s not hard to form a secure attachment with the target in the scope. Why? Because the mark gives you a place to focus with your scope. It gives you something you can see clearly, and it gives you a clear goal.

So why is this a bad habit?

Because instead of paying attention to keeping the reticle aligned and letting it drift, you are focusing on the target. The drift is going to cause your shots to miss their mark. The target is there as a tool, but don’t focus on only that. To become a successful long-range shooter, you need to focus on the reticle and the target.

Correcting this bad habit is not difficult- just start making it a habit to focus more on the reticle then the target itself. Your long-range shooting techniques will thank you.

Bad Habit 2: Focusing on the Minutia

Focusing on the minutia means that the shooter is spending too much time concentrating on all of the trivial details instead of focusing on proper long- range shooting techniques. Obsessing over the minutia is a bad habit because there is a tendency to forget the fundamentals of long-range shooting. When you stress about all of the small variables that could affect your shooting, it becomes easy to jerk the trigger and miss the shot.

Also, try not to focus on the fact that we just mentioned jerking the trigger. Worrying about how to breathe, the wind factor, if the air is too humid if the bullet will fly correctly…none of these things matter.

Accuracy comes with practice and following proper technique over and over again. Things can happen, but if you have taken the time to learn and to master appropriate fundamental long-range shooting techniques, you will be more successful than not as time goes on. Stick to the basics.

Bad Habit 3: Major Focus on your Misses

If you have decided to take up long-range shooting as a hobby, there will be times when you miss your target. Probably many times.

OK, a lot of times.

If you want to increase your chances of hitting the target with accuracy, forget about the shot you just missed. The more you focus on your “miss,” the better chance you have of blowing your next shot as well. Shooters that fixate on their missed shots will spend more time talking about them instead of trying to figure out what they need to correct to increase their chances of getting the shots they want.

Should you ignore your missed shots? By all means, no. There is a lot they can teach you about your technique which is why many long range shooters keep track of absolutely everything.

However, once you have figured out the problem, correct it and let the missed shot go. Was your next shot better? If not, tweak your technique again until you get the hit. Missing a shot is part of the process. Don’t make it your primary experience.

How do you break this habit? Keep it simple by learning from the missed shot and move on.

Follow Fundamental Long-Range Shooting Techniques

Tips and techniques don’t always lead to a better shooting experience. Following the proper shooting fundamentals and practice are the best way to become a reliable shooter. When you figure out what works best for you, do it, and do it every time. Put the primary focus on you and the things you can change and let the rest fall to the side.

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