Draw inspiration below for creative deer antler crafts. There are many ways you can use deer antlers. Or should we say many, many ways. From whistles to rings and dice to curtain tiebacks, we touch on just a few of the fun projects you can use deer antlers for.

Gift Antler Rings to Your Friends and Family

You can create beautiful and customized rings from deer antler. First, select a straight piece of antler. Then, use a drill press to create a hole down the middle. Next, use a band saw or hack saw to slice rings. Sand and shape the ring using a Dremel or sandpaper. From there, lightly sand the inside of the ring for a comfortable fit. Once the ring is the shape and smoothness you want, you can get creative!

Add accents or decoration to the ring with a wood-burning tool. Or add dyes and laminates. If you want, leave the ring just as it is for a rustic look. For a full video tutorial, follow Four Oak’s Craft’s guide on how to make antler rings.

Install Antler Tiebacks in Your Home

Add a touch of nature to your home with antler tiebacks. First, decide the angle that you want to attach the antler to the wall. Once you do this, drill a hole through the antler where you want to mount it. Then, if you want to, paint the antlers. Finally, screw the antlers into the wall, and you’ve got some new tiebacks!

Play Your Favorite Board Game with Dice Made from Antler

Making dice out of antler will spruce up any board game. To get started, select a cut from the base of an antler. Next, use a belt sander (or sand by hand) to create a 2/3-inch cube. Make sure to wear a respirator when you do this!

Next, mark spots and drill the holes into each side of the dice. To add a copper inlay, select a copper wire the gage of the holes. Then add glue and tap the copper wire into the holes. Afterward, polish the dice with sandpaper and a Dremel buffer.

Craft a Rustic Letter Opener with Deer Antler

Turn deer antler into a useful tool by making a letter opener. First, find a small antler. The thick part will be the handle, and the tine will be the blade. Use a Dremel with a drum sander attachment between 100 to 120 grit to sand down the tine into the letter opener blade.

Play Outdoors with an Antler Whistle

Of all the antler crafts, making a whistle might be the most fun. Starting at the base, use a 7/16-inch bit to drill about an inch and a half into the antler bone’s center. Then, saw a vertical cut a little less than halfway through the antler. Next, make a second diagonal saw cut that meets the first one.

Create the Reed for Your Whistle

Once you create the airhole, make the reed for the whistle. Begin by cutting a one-inch piece of a 7/16-inch dowel rod. Use a sharp knife to shave off a flat edge. Insert the dowel, flat side up, into the airhole. Slide it in until it touches the edge of the air hole.

Make It Sound Just Right

Next, blow to check the sound. To adjust the air channel, shave a little more off the dowel. Once you like the sound, apply quick-dry glue to the underside of the dowel. Then, place it inside the antler and let it dry.

Whether it’s hunting season or not, get busy making some antler crafts. If you want to collect antlers for your next project, check out our ScopeShields. They might be the tool you need to snag your next elk and make some new rings, whistles, or a set of die.

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