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Why Was ScopeShield Invented

Jon was not satisfied with any of the scope protection devices he had tried, and in the mid 1990's, he was involved in Outfitting on Prince of Wales Island in S.E. Alaska. Prince of Wales is a rain forest, averaging 150 - 200 inches of rain per year, and Hunting in extremely wet conditions was an every day occurrence. If You can't keep your scope clear and in working conditions at all times, you can't Hunt effectively. Every device Jon or his Hunters used failed in one way or another, so Jon started working on a design that would fulfill theThree (3) Basic Attributes that he believed any Scope Protection Device should have:

  1. Protection - It must protect Both scope lenses from any weather or field condition encountered Without Failing. Rain, Humidity, Snow, Changing Temperatures, Dust, Dirt, Mud, etc. - None of these conditions should alter the Scope Protection Device or any of it's protective functions in any way.
  2. Simplicity - It must be easy and foolproof to use in the field while Hunting.
  3. Speed - It must not slow down the Hunter or his reactions in any way.