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What About Using The ScopeShield In a Leather Scabbard?

Another excellent, but often unasked question. I've talked with several Outfitters and Guides over the years who insist that their customers remove any scope covers from their firearms before Hunting while traveling via horseback or mule and using a common leather rifle scabbard. The 3 Main Concerns cited usually are Convenience, Experience, and Speed. Every Scope Protection Device I've ever seen, used, or heard of WILL hang up going into, and being taken out of a leather Scabbard. Speed is not important, usually, when You are placing a Scoped Rifle INTO a Leather Scabbard, but when You are Hunting, and the Desired Game Animal is spotted, how Fast You can Withdraw Your Scoped Firearm from the Scabbard, Chamber a Round, and be Ready to Shoot can be crucial, and can mean the whole difference between failure and celebration. Anything that is a barrier to the Success of Your Hunt is a factor that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Every Missed Opportunity means more Hard Work for You AND Your Guide, if You're on a Guided Hunt. A Missed Opportunity, and it takes only one, and Your Hunting Experience can go from a Highly Successful one, to a Failure, in the blink of an eye. If using a Scope Protection Device could cause me to fail just as easily as it could help me be successful, I'd probably call it a failure and quit using it myself.

However, in this situation, the ScopeShield® scope cover is different from every other Scope Protection Device. There are no hard edges or protrusions to catch on a Leather Scabbard, either going in or coming out, when You're equipped with a ScopeShield scope cover. On the contrary, due to the ScopeShield design, Your ScopeShield scope cover WILL NOT hang up either going into or coming out of any type of Scabbard, leather included. The snug fitting Neoprene ScopeShield scope cover will actually make the sliding into a Leather Scabbard easier, and gentler on the scope, than doing it without Your ScopeShield scope cover in place. Due to the form fit of Your ScopeShield scope cover, and the Keeper Loop™, Your ScopeShield scope cover will not come off of Your Scope or Rifle and get jammed down into the Scabbard, causing a problem You may have heard of, and possibly seen or experienced. The ScopeShield scope cover has no 'trigger' to spring open accidentally while placing Your firearm into or pulling Your firearm out of a Leather Scabbard. Due to the Shrouding Effect of Your ScopeShield scope cover on Your rifle's action, the snow and debris that can fall into a Scabbard and get into Your rifle's action is largely prevented with the use of the ScopeShield scope cover. Another possible Hunting Tragedy prevented by YOUR pro-active solution!

There's an another Problem that You'll Avoid by Equipping Your Scope with a ScopeShield scope cover when You're using a Leather Scabbard. Holster Wear. If you've ever used a Blued Handgun in a Leather Holster, You know what I'm talking about. Over time, the continual holstering and un-holstering of a Blued Handgun will wear the finish off your Handgun in any places where the leather comes into contact with YOUR gun - often, for example, along the sides of the end of the barrel, on the sides and edges of the cylinder, and other places, depending upon the design of Your Handgun and Your Holster. A Rifle Scope, due to the fact that it protrudes from the rifle, is very susceptible to the same type of wear as a Handgun in a Leather Holster. Until the ScopeShield scope cover came along, there was little or nothing You could do about this situation. It was just an unfortunately accepted Hazard of Hunting from Horseback. It's never made ANYONE happy, when they saw the rubbing and wear that brought down the value of your scope, but there was NOTHING, in the past, that You could do about it. Often, though, You may not have been aware of this 'Fringe Benefit' of using a leather scabbard with Your Valuable Scoped Firearm, until it was too late.

You'll never have to deal with that Unacceptable Situation again, Thanks to ScopeShield. Now, if You'll fit Your Valuable Scope with a ScopeShield scope cover BEFORE Your hunt, BEFORE Your Expensive Scope first slides into a Leather Scabbard, You won't have to suffer the long-term, permanent scarring that the rubbing of a Leather Scabbard would have perpetrated upon Your Valuable Scope. Put a ScopeShield scope cover on Every One of Your Scopes, and breath a sigh of relief. You've just given Your Scopes the BEST PROTECTION AVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!