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News and Reviews

ScopeShieldscope cover is a favorite of gun enthusiasts around the world. Below is the latest news, and our favorite reviews gathered over the years. 99.9% of the feedback we receive is positive. When we've received negative feedback, it usually relates to size. We'll be happy to work with you until you get the perfect fit.

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Latest News

ScopeShield was recently featured in two different 2014 Holiday Gift Guides! Check it out:

Military Hunting and Fishing's Hunter's Gift Guide 

A great product any hunter would enjoy this season.

Carrie Z's Ultimate Buyer's Guide For the Outdoor Lover

This thing (ScopeShield Cover) has saved my scope more times than I can count! I generally tromp through some thick stuff and scratching my lens has always been a concern. ScopeShield is the perfect solution.

Our Favorite Reviews

This one is from John Woods of Alloutdoor.com

"If you have a hunting rifle of any kind with a scope on it, you need a high quality scope cover to protect it, and the ScopeShield is absolutely the best one I have used.

The ScopeShield scope cover isn’t just like any other optics protective cover. The unique design and features offer so much more in terms of user details with practical functions.

A high quality scope cover like this one will help greatly deter most of the everyday bangs and scratches, but mostly it is just going to keep the optical lens more clean and clear of dust, dirt, and moisture that dots the glass. I never leave home or camp without one installed in place. 

Made in the U.S.A. in Oregon, this scope cover is unique, and the workmanship is top notch."

Click here to read the full review on Alloutdoor.com.

This one is from Brian Belko of Wide Open Spaces

"The first thing I noticed after receiving my ScopeShield was the quality craftsmanship of the product. There were no loose threads or anything of that nature. It just immediately screamed quality to me. I both poured and sprayed water directly onto the cover while it was on my scope. The water immediately beaded up and rolled right off, while also preventing any sort of condensation on the lenses of the scope.This may sound like just another waterproof scope cover, but here is where the ScopeShield separates itself from the competition. The innovative design of this scope cover allows a shooter to seamlessly and quickly remove the ScopeShield during the shooting motion.

The ScopeShield was designed to keep a shooter's riflescope dry and protected in the field while still always being at the ready for that unexpected shot, and it achieves that goal remarkably well. For any hunter who has been afield in less than desirable conditions, has missed a shot due to a foggy scope lens or is simply looking for a great scope cover for general protection, the ScopeShield fits the bill perfectly."

Click here to read the full review on Wide Open Spaces.

This one is from Fred Mastison of Force Options USA

Fred Mastison (Force Options USA)"I have used the cover during two long term precision rifle classes and I thoroughly enjoy having it on my gun. It was effective at protecting my scope from the elements, obviously, but also from dirt. Here in Arizona, blowing dust finds its' way into every crevice possible on gear. With a scope approaching $2000 it is critical to take care of it. The ScopeShield served that role perfectly. It also helped in protection from general wear and tear. I have it on my primary rifle now and it is destined to be a regular part of the gun. I have already started making recommendations for use of the shield to all of my rifle students as well as law enforcement friends. This is especially important to them because their guns can be stored for long periods."

Check out Force Options here.



Gears of Guns ReviewThis one is from Gears of Guns:

"If your rifle scope is promiscuous and has a tendency to get scuffed up while in the case, have I got the product for you! ScopeShield scope covers keep all your scopes safe and as good as new in that dark room. ScopeShield offers custom covers to meet your every need. Perfect for hunters, the ScopeShield will also keep your scope out of the elements as best as possible on your hunts, with an easy removal so you won't miss that critical shot."
Read the whole review from Gear of Guns here.



Average Hunter with ScopeShield in use.

From the Average Hunter, who put our ScopeShield to the ultimate test!

"I would like to say it was an honor and a priviledge to test this item. The timing for the testing was perfect because I took it out hunting the day after I received the ScopeShield neoprene scope cover and it needed to prove its worth immediately. The U.P. of Michigan hunting gods blessed me with a snowy day with a temperature of 19 degrees, winds from the NW at 13 mph making the wind chill of 5 degrees. I can say that I was extremely pleased with the results. Not only did it perform well on everything I was looking for, it is also a simple no-nonsense piece of equipment you will be satisfied with." 
Read the whole review from the Average Hunter with photos here.


This is from Jack, one of our biggest fans!

"I have hunted all my life and we always have weather conditions to deal with in November rain, snow etc. I have had a couple different store bought scope covers...and just like your website says they all have good points, BUT they all have the one or two things about them that just don't work for what you need them to do. You will laugh at this...So for the last few years I have just gone down to Walmart and bought a couple of head bands that they sell to keep your ears warm...they are nice and soft and stretchy and go right over the ends on you scope...you can stuff them in your pocket when the weather is nice and they snap off just about like yours do except they are not attached, and they are only a couple of bucks, so if you lose one it's no big deal. Anyway, when I saw how yours worked I knew it was the real deal without even getting my hands on one. I have already dealt with all of the different problems, and I know yours will work GOOD! Great Idea...Great Product!"


“Good Stuff” from: Rifle Looney News

Even with some riflescopes featuring so-called hydrophobic lens coatings that reduce (not eliminate) the tendency of fog, rain and snow to stick to their lenses, many hunters still prefer to, uh, cover their glass when Out There. There have been lots of different kinds of scope covers sold over the years. All work, but have a couple of problems. First, any cover for a scope’s lenses needs to be quickly removable. Second, too many scope covers are scope-specific, only fitting one particular scope, or one lens size.

One of the newer scope covers on the market solves all three problems. ScopeShield's cover is essentially an improvement on the neoprene scope covers some manufacturers have included with new scopes, but ScopeShields have two other features: a Cordura loop at one end that goes around your rifle’s forend, and a little Cordura tab at the eyepiece end.

To get the ScopeShield off, you just grab the eyepiece tab and pull the ScopeShield back like you’re going to shoot a rubber band across the room. Let go and ScopeShield is instantly off your scope, yet still attached to the forend of your rifle—and silently, unlike many other scope covers. There have been other scope covers that work on this principle. Michaels of Oregon used to sell a pair of hard plastic scope covers connected by a big rubber band that came off just as quickly—and they were my favorite scope covers. But the two covers had to match the diameter of the eyepiece and objective bell of the scope. Eventually Uncle Mike’s replaced them with Butler Creek‘s flip-up scope covers (also excellent but even more scope specific) during one of several corporate acquisitions.

One big virtue of the ScopeShield is it’s much less scope-specific than other scope covers. Since it can stretch a couple of inches, one or two sizes of ScopeShield will work on dozens of different scopes. The other virtue of ScopeShield is that, like any neoprene cover, it also protects the whole scope. This may seem a minor point, but if you travel much, especially by airplane, I can assure you it is not. Scopes have a way of getting battered even inside soft or hard rifle cases. I had been using ScopeShields for several months, but really put one to the test in August, when I went to Alaska for that two week black and grizzly bear out of Stoney River Lodge (www.stoneyriverlodge.com). I didn’t spend as much time at the lodge itself as I’d hoped, because most of my visit was spent in spike camps, sleeping in two-man tents at night, sitting around on various hills glassing for bears, and not taking showers—well, except for “natural” showers. Since this was Alaska it rained hard on several occasions, and the ScopeShield did a fine job there, but it also protected the scope on several flights when my soft-cased rifle was crammed into small planes. The 1.25-4x Trijicon not only stayed sighted-in perfectly through the trip, but was unmarred. I also took along a spare scope in the same Talley detachable mounts, already sighted in, inside its own ScopeShield. Quite simply, ScopeShields are my new favorite scope cover.


Firing Line with ScopeShield in use.

From the Firing Line

"For the past several weeks I’ve been using a ScopeShield scope cover to protect my SWFA SS 3-9x42. I’d previously been using the Butler Creek flip up covers, but after breaking several newer ones, I realized the current production ones weren’t going to work for the type of hunting I do. After the positive things I’d heard about these covers, I wanted to pick one up to try for myself, and I figured a review might even help make up the minds of others if they are considering this cover. After I starting using the ScopeShield I learned that another huge advantage to it is that in addition to just protecting the lens, it protects the whole scope very well, which I figured it would from looking at it."

Read the whole review from the Firing Line with photos here.

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