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Elk Hunt Trail Diary: Day 5

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As soon as the sun comes up, we're going to go check out the tracks I cut yesterday. We need to determine if the elk went up or down, and then decide what we want to do from there. Somebody was target practicing last night just below our camp. Which means we have to take that into consideration too.

The "weekend warrior hunters" are starting to move in. They tend to leave starting Monday so by Tuesday, everything settles down.


Elk Hunt Trail Diary: Day 4

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Yay! Gary's here.

First hike should be a doozy. At least now we have two rigs. We can park one down below and drive up to the very top to cover more ground that way.

We split up to make one big huge circle of the area. Gary went downhill; I'm going uphill. Wind will be in his favor because it will carry my scent straight down to where he will be scouting. Hopefully something moves down there for him. Our plan is to meet at the very bottom junction. It's important that I look for all traces of sign via sight, smell, and hearing. We need good info.

I love doing this with him.

Trail Diary: Day 3

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It's a virtual heat wave this morning at 41-degrees upon sunup. Worst walk ever. About a mile hike straight up a red cinder road. You talk about noisy!!

 About a mile hike straight up a red cinder road.

Preparing For The Hunt

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jeremiah preparing for the hunt

Hunting starts way before that moment when you are in the field pulling back your bow string or shouldering your firearm. A question that always arises from new hunters, as well as seasoned hunters alike, is “what should I do to prepare for my hunt?

Trail Diary: Day 2

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I ran the roads at 5:40 to try to catch animals out in the dark. There's nothing; no tracks in the road. This is crazy. This time last year, I was babysitting two herds. I saw them with my eyes and was following their movements. No such luck yet. Long, steep hike in front of me today. I have to cover as much ground as possible.Fun walk through a snow brush grove.

Roberta's Trail Diary: Day 1

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Deer and elk are tucked away somewhere. Saturday’s storm wiped the slate clean. I've managed to put in several hikes and run the roads as often as possible to determine where they are. I have to out scout the other hunters. 7 am already in the middle of a clear-cut unit just standing against a tree watching and listening. 37-degrees with a slight downhill breeze.

This is why I love it here. There is no box.

Out in the beautiful woods. This is why I love it here. There is no box.


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